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About the artist

Vladimir Ezhakov was born in 1975, in St Petersburg.

In 1992 he began his studies in the art school named for N.K. Rerih.

He completed his training in 1997 with the qualification of "artist-teacher". In 1997 he joined the prestigious St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, also known as the Repin Art Academy.

He studied in a workshop under direction of V.V. Pimenov.

In 2003 he received his diploma and was voted, by his instructors, to be the "Best Student" in the graduating year out of a class of premier students.

His work is included in a constant exposition in the museum of the Academy of Arts.

After graduation, he was invited to continue his art education in a Masters Class at the Repin Academy.

He has taught at Repin Academy since 2004.

His works are in private collections in Russia, USA, China, France, Greece, UK, etc.










2011: "On the sunny side" Union of Artists of St. Petersburg.
Academy of Arts exhibition,  St.Petersburg.

November, 2009: Solo exhibition of Beijing, China.

February 2009: Second solo exhibition at the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.

March 2008: Solo exhibition of Scottsdale, Arizona USA.

2007: International Art Festival Domburg Netherlands, winner of the contest portrait of the festival.


2007: Solo exhibition at the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.

2006: Invited to the presentation at the Art Project "Artists of Russia to the world." Berlin, Germany.

2004: Member of All-Russian competition of young artists, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

2004: Winner of the festival "Prague Autumn".

2003 - 2007: Permanent member of traveling exhibitions of Russian Artists in China.



Portrait Ballet  

Cafe  Naturmort

Historical Landscape



For more information contact:

E-mail: ezakov@mail.ru